Photo Mentors

An Indian Photo Tours Company

Conducts exclusive series of Digital Photography Workshops across Premium Malls & Shopping Arcades, Convention Centres , Schools, various Corporates & Renowned Art Galleries.

These workshop epitomizes our approach to teaching photography the easy & most practical way . 

The flow and content has been developed on years of our Celebrity Mentor's Dheeraj's experience & our interaction with photography enthusiasts of all levels and different learning goals.

The Learning in these Workshops & Masterclasses are thru mix of Bootcamp Sessions, Field Exercises, Guided Shoot & Through review sessions. 

Jargon Busting and a Practical Photography Workshop are programmed to put you in full control of your cameras enabling the participant to sneak pictures in any situation.

With International repute & illustrations in many books to his credit DHEERAJ PAUL shall share his experiences and wealth of information in these high-end & exclusive workshops.

Meant for Semi & Advance photographers with a passion to take great pictures - these workshops provide real, hands-on education -- an opportunity to learn only from the best and designed to exceed your expectations regardless of photographic experience, interests or expertise.

Our Master Classeses at various locations are intense and offer an opportunity to merge the thrill of travel, learning and shooting at the same time ! Our Workshops will make every participant comfortable in dealing with real life opportunities on field enabling them to walk into any situation without inhibitions with total focus on capturing stunning pictures.

There's sure to be something for everyone, from the basic concepts of digital photography to advanced & professional photography techniques.

Stress is on developing awareness on handling available light and its relationship to the subjects in one's photographs.


Our Workshop's & Master Classes revolve on how to maximize today’s digital technology, improving participant results while revitalizing their image-making process which serves well in countless situations.

A full session on Aesthetics & the Art of Compositions will help complete your concepts of what to look at thru your view finder !!!

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Text Copyright Indian Photo Tours 2022 ; Photo Credits Dheeraj Paul , Sanjiv Bhandula and various Participants/ Photo-enthusiasts who have travelled with us as well as attended various activities conducted by Indian Photo Tours.