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Our Digital Photography Workshops epitomizes our approach to teaching photography the easy & the most practical way.


The flow and content of these workshops have been developed on years of Celebrity Photographer Dheeraj Paul's experience & our interaction with photography enthusiasts of all levels and different learning goals.


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Guided Photo-Tours

Our Photography Tours are aimed at photography enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. Learn to get the best out of your own Camera System while you enjoy Top Notch Hospitality with best of Lodges , Resorts, Camps and Hotels.


With our innovative & customised itineraries, unlimited work time with continuous metrics, great food along genuine contact with the places & communities we offer to photograph under continous Guidance of Celebrity Mentor Dheeraj Paul and IPT team.

Photo - Mentoring

Seasoned photographers as well as those who are new to photography will benefit from these exhaustive & informative sessions during these Photo-Tours. ...All this goes together to make unforgettable Guided Photo-learning Experiences.


Participants learn from us the fundamentals of photography through condensed sessions and on-field assistance from our Mentor & highly trained faculty. This gives us the privilege of offering you exceptional Photographic Learning Experiences…

Maha Kumbh Sujorn 2025

Kumbh is the largest religious congregation celebrated by millions of Hindu pilgrims from all across the world. Join Team Indian Photo Tours to witness this incredible Photographic Journey to once of the lifetime experience !!


An Immersive Zanskar Trail

August 2024

Zanskar Valley is an unimaginable combination of snow-clad mountains, lakes and sand-dunes, people & rudimentary landscape that offers great proximity to Photogenic locations & Photo-opportunities. 


The location offer a paradox that strings life with the lifeless. Its scale is astonishing, magnificent and remains awe-inspiring because it is a bridge between the real and the unearthly. 


Join this Mega Photo-Expedition exclusively planned & fine tuned to offer extraordinary natural beauty to ignite your imagination & creative side to yield a fruitful & mega Photo learning Experience across Genres - People / Landscape / Culture / Astro photography all under continuous guidance & mentoring by highly trained team of Indian Photo Tours along with Shoot Director & Mentor Dheeraj Paul !!

Incredible Road Trip to Spiti 

September  2024

This Photo-Journey offers unique combination of travel on mountain roads, easy climbs & treks, shoot sessions at high altitude villages & monasteries deep in the mountain ranges, all while driving along rivers and mind blowing ever changing terrain – everything a Photographer will ever desire !!


This Photo-Tour offers umpteen opportunities to click Rolling Meadows, blooming apple orchards, flower-dotted valleys, silent forests, the swift rivers and the haughty peaks.


One can witness & capture the unique architecture, local lifestyle, people and way of life while you master the photography nuances guided by world renowned Photo Mentor.


Join Indian Photo Tours on this Amazing Guided Photography Journey across Genres !!

Mystic Rainforest - Amboli

August 2024



Rainforest Magic at Amboli is a great opportunity to explore the amazing Western Ghats which is a hot-spot for brimming wildlife such as reptiles, amphibians and many other macro subjects.


Experience the best herpetofauna diversity through thick forest, waterfalls, and beautiful natural landscapes. Walk the forest when darkness descends and nocturnal life comes alive and to capture the richness of the forests up-close .. 


Lead by an award-winning professional Travel & Wildlife photography Mentor DHEERAJ PAUL and highly professional team of Indian Photo Tours, who will guide, inspire and mentor & help to create stunningly close up images of the intricate designs and patterns that are seldom obvious to the naked eye !!

Programs For Year 2024

Big Cats Sujorn - Kabini

October 2024

Nagarahole National Park – or more popularly known as the Kabini is a perfect getaway for nature lovers & is a photographer’s dream destination. The whispers of the drying leaves, the silence of the forest, the chirping of birds, the calmness of River Kabini, thrilling safaris, and the excitement of sighting wildlife, are enough reasons to visit Kabini. 


The breathtaking locales with the tranquil forests presents an ideal setting for our Guided Photo-Expedition which is home of Big Cats such as Tigers & Leopards along with beautiful herds of Elephants, Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Barking Deers, along with Sloth Bears, Langurs, Jackals with hundreds of species of birds 


Led by Acclaimed Photography Mentor DHEERAJ PAUL and Indian Photo Tours Professional Mentoring team !!

Bird's Extravanza - Chopta & Mandal

December 2024

One-of-a-kind Master Class in picture perfect ambience and masked in the glory of abundant flora and fauna of two of the most sought after Birding destinations of Eastern Himalayas - Latpanchar & Rongtong - surely a super duper Birding Bonanza.


Be assured of many stunning images of the various species of Birds both endemic as well as migratory an award-winning photography mentor Dheeraj Paul and Team Indian Photo Tours shall provide you with professional tips and insights on how to capture the perfect shot in their natural habitat. You will certainly have a better grasp of and feel more confident with your camera after this masterclass.


Join Indian Photo Tours on this Amazing Guided Photography Journey and Experience !!

Tigers of Sudarbans

November 2024

The Sunderbans ecosystem is a unique natural wonder of south Asia and the globe. The delta is spread over India and Bangladesh with an area of approximately 10,000 square kilometers and enjoys the status of being largest halophytic mangrove forest in the world. It is a delta of the two great Indian Rivers - The Ganga and The Brahmaputra !!


Guided shoot sessions, image review sessions with post-production & image processing, live demonstrations during boat safaris and focused approach on techniques to improve the quality of your images that are unique , well composed - guided by award-winning professional Travel & Wildlife photography Mentor DHEERAJ PAUL and highly professional team of Indian Photo Tours, who will guide, inspire and mentor you right through the tour, whatever your level of skill and experience.


Led by award-winning professional Photo-Mentor DHEERAJ PAUL along with Indian Photo Tours Professional Mentoring team !!


PROGRAMS FOR YEAR 2025 (Jan-March 2025)

Birds of Prey - Tal Chappar 

February 2025

Tal Chapar is one of the best kept secrets among wildlife photographers in India. It is home to India’s fastest mammal – Blackbuck and so are the Grassland birds abound here. Laggar Falons and Red-necked Falcons – the stars among the avians here – dazzle us with their breakneck flying speeds. 


Tal Chappar is famous as raptor-country, with as many as 42 species of birds of prey – Eagles, Buzzards, Falcons, Vultures, Harriers and Hawks – having been recorded here.


In winter, many migrating birds arrive here from their breeding homes in Central Asia and Europe. Demoiselle Cranes and Bar-headed Geese arrive after having flown high over the Himalayas.


Join Dheeraj Paul & Team Indian Photo Tours in Search of These Birds of Prey

Tigers of Tadoba & Pench

January 2025

Chopta is a picturesque hamlet also lately known as "Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand". This hushed abode is enclosed by the dwindling pines, deodars, rhododendrons and other conifers which makes Chopta extremely rich in flora and fauna and makes it one of most important Birding destination of our country.


This Mega Birding Photo-Expedition offers extreme photography learning opportunities with Extensive on- and off-field bird photography assistance & guidance - all accompanied by acclaimed Photography mentor Dheeraj Paul & Indian Photo Tours professional Team / Birding Expert and offers opportunities for Stunning photographs of many of the exotic resident & migratory bird species of this region along with focus on other Genres such amazing landscapes and village life !!


Join Indian Photo Tours on this Amazing Guided Photography Journey and Birding Experience !!

Dance of the Gods - Theyyam

January 2025

This Photography experience offers opportunity to relive ancient myths that speak of gods, goddesses, saints, heroes and demons who once walked through this incredible land inspiring our extreme Photoshoot sessions !!


Performed by men enacting female roles too by wearing elaborate make-up, intricate headgears and colorful costumes - It is unique, powerful and a divine splendour to watch and Shoot - colourful costumes , exotic make-up and hair raising dance moves - The dance of myriad colours along with hypnotic chants and rhythmic drumbeats and vigorous dance moves that involves dancers walking on hot coal, the sacrifice of a roosters - All that are offered are any photographer’s dream project storyboard !!


Led by Acclaimed Photography Mentor DHEERAJ PAUL and Indian Photo Tours Professional Mentoring team !!

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