Birder's  Extravaganza - A Guided Professional Birding Expedition to Eastern Himalayas

The one-of-a-kind Master Class in picture perfect ambience and masked in the glory of abundant flora and fauna of two of the most sought after Birding destinations of Eastern Himalayas  is surely a super duper Birding Bonanza.


Bird photography presents many unique challenges and this Masterclass offers an opportunity to learn photographic techniques help you understand and master various lighting situations while photographing birds. understanding very important aspects of bird photography such as focussing in order to capture images of birds in-flight or of birds taking off or landing along with live onsite instructions on type of autofocus, autofocus points and focus modes enabling you to photograph birds as you never have before.


Be assured of many stunning images of the various species of Birds both endemic as well as migratory an award-winning photography mentor Dheeraj Paul and Team Indian Photo Tours shall provide you with professional tips and insights on how to capture the perfect shot in their natural habitat. You will certainly have a better grasp of and feel more confident with your camera after this masterclass.


The Birds in focus at these two places shall be  Ashy Wood Swallow, Black Headed Oriole, Ash Tail, Ashly Drongo, Bronzed Drongo, Blue Kingfisher, Bronze Winged Jacana, Ceylon Frogmouth, Created Woodpecker, Crested Goshawk, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Chestnut Headed Bee Eater, Coucal, Dollar Bird, Emerald Dove, Eurasian,Golden Oriole, Greater Raquet Tailed Drongo, Lora, Orange Minivet, White Breasted Woodpecker, Jungle Myna, Indian Pitta, Jerdons Nightjar, Indian Cuckoo, Yellow-browed Bulbuls, Darters, Sunbird, Shrike,  Brown wood owl, Indian scops owl, Brown fish owl, Brown hawk owl , Mottiled wood owl and many more...

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Text Copyright Indian Photo Tours 2022 ; Photo Credits Dheeraj Paul , Sanjiv Bhandula and various Participants/ Photo-enthusiasts who have travelled with us as well as attended various activities conducted by Indian Photo Tours.