The Dance of The Gods - Theyyam, North Kerala December 2020

The Dance of The Gods - Theyyam, North Kerala

As we all are aware - the blissful state of Kerala has a great wealth of cultural traditions than any other part of the country and the celebrates these traditions through an array of fairs and festivals which can be any photographer’s delight stories.


About - The Dance of the Gods

The traditional festivals of Kerala bring forward ancient myths that speak of gods, goddesses, saints, heroes and demons who once walked through this incredible land inspiring extreme Photo-Journeys. One of the most special and extraordinary festivals one can witness in Kerala is none other than Theyyam, the religious and ritualistic dance-drama originated in Malabar, the northern belt of Kerala.  

Highlights of the Photo - Experience

The word Theyyam literally means ‘God‘ and hence the Theyyam dance is known as the ‘Dance of Gods‘. It is unique, powerful and a divine splendour to watch and Shoot -colourful costumes , exotic make-up and hair raising dance moves are the main highlights of Theyyam. The colours and lighting can be mind-boggling , feast your ears with the hypnotic chants and rhythmic drumbeats as well as your eyes with the colourful pageantry and vigorous dance moves that are any photographer’s dream project.


Theyyam is often performed by men and they themselves enact the female roles also by wearing elaborate make-up, intricate headgears and colorful costumes. The facial makeup is so complex that the artist has to lie on the floor for hours while the designs are painted on their faces - we shoot the behind the stage too.. Many of these performances involves dancers walking on hot coal, the sacrifice of a rooster, etc.

Be prepared for erratic sleep hours as many of these festivities run late into the night and even early hours of the morning . We shall have many hours of guided photography shoot sessions covering most intricate Genres as we travel along the coast to witness the authentic celebrations around Dance of the Gods with Highly acclaimed photo-mentor & Travel Photographer Dheeraj Paul & Indian Photo Tours operations team ensuring highest safety precautions protocols during travel and stay.  



An exclusive behind the scenes as well as beach shoot session of world famous Kalaripayuttu is planned during sundowner along with many blue hours and sunset shoots. 



11th to 15th of January 2021. 5 Days / 4 Nights stay and includes all meals . The group meets at Kannuar , which is well connected by air , road and rail with major towns of India. 


Strict Hygiene and Precautions

Our Comprehensive Stay & Travel Safe policy ensures highest safety precautions & protocols during group travel and stay. Single occupancy subject to availability on first come first basis. Social distancing, Personal Hygiene & usage of Face masks are compulsory.


Inland Travel : to various festival locations and fair grounds is included.


Continuous Critique sessions, guidance, shoot sessions and discussions in an interactive exciting environment.


Enquiry : 

If you want to be on  this Master Class and need any assistance/information, call Indian Photo Tours at 9910903636 /9811044788 /9891334558 or write to us at . 


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Text Copyright Indian Photo Tours 2017-18 & Photo Credits Dheeraj Paul , Sanjiv Bhandula and various Participants/ Photo-enthusiasts who have attended various learning activities conducted by Indian Photo Tours.