The Kulasai Dasara - A Guided Photography Experience,October2020

Kulasai Vijayadashmi Celebrations, Oct 2020



This photography experience is designed for Photo-Enthusiasts to take them further and deeper into the real South of India for an immersive experience of a lifetime - The Kulasai Vijaydashmi Celebrations at a beachside hamlet known as Kulasekharapattnam, Tuticorin


This Vijayadashmi , immerse yourself in Celebrating the carnival celebrating grandeur event at the Heritage 300 years old Sri Mutharamman Temple located in Kulasekharapatnam that brings in lacs of  Devotees from far and wide as they walk on foot wearing exotic costumes as if they were the incarnations of gods and goddess. For them it is not just a colourful celebration but a serious occasion to offer thanks to the goddess for answering their prayers. 


On the climatic day, the sea shores of this coastal village turns into a carnival of folk music and dance where devotees in their chosen fancy dresses solicit the grace of and express gratitude for their prayers answered by the presiding deity Sri Muthramman.


It's a photographer's itinerary designed by photographers and logistics professionals who genuinely know the land, the culture that offers myriad photography opportunities and offers richer material that's rare, insightful, un-spoilt and well suited to serious photography and covers many important genres.


Our itineraries are planned for exciting photography and authentic insights by renowned photo mentor Dheeraj Paul& our highly professional team to arrange privileged access and specially negotiated photographic opportunities any photographer will otherwise miss …




We will help you learn and capture the real magic of various architectural forgotten temples and carnival of Vijaydashmi Celebrations.


With your Mentors at shoulder length try some long-exposure blue-hour frames at this beachside hamlet.


Inland Travel / stay in clean and comfortable hotels/All meals included.


Programmed & developed to suit Novice as well as professionals. We promise you that you will return home with tons of learning and a stunning portfolio highlighting amazing festivies that you shall experience.


Special Guided Shoot Sessions on Portraits, Amazing and dramatic costumes , Architecture, Available Light and Landscape Photography.


Iimage review sessions, guidance and discussions in an interactive & exciting environment. 


Itinerary : Madurai -Tuticorin - Thiruchendur - Madurai.


Tour Dates : 21st to 25th of October 2020

Tour Duration : 5 days & 4 nights



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Text Copyright Indian Photo Tours 2017-18 & Photo Credits Dheeraj Paul , Sanjiv Bhandula and various Participants/ Photo-enthusiasts who have attended various learning activities conducted by Indian Photo Tours.