The Amazing Jewels of Rajasthan 2022 covering Beautiful Jaipur / Pushkar & Jodhpur      2nd to 7th November '22   

It's a photographer's itinerary designed by photographers and logistics professionals who genuinely know the land, the culture that offers myriad photography opportunities and offers richer material that's rare, insightful, un-spoilt and well suited to serious photography and covers many important genres. It offers stunning opportunities to capture the amazing city of Pushkar , the magnificent architecture of Jaipur and uber cool blue city of Jodhpur.


Our itineraries are planned for exciting photography and authentic insights by renowned photo mentor Dheeraj Paul & our highly professional team to arrange privileged access and specially negotiated photographic opportunities any photographer will otherwise miss…

The Dance of the Gods - The Mermerising Theyyams of Kerala. January 12th to 15th , 2022

The blissful state of Kerala has great wealth of cultural traditions . The celebrations of these traditions is through an array of extraordinary cuatoms and festivals which can be any photographer’s delight stories.


They bring forward ancient myths that speak of Gods, Goddesses, saints, heroes and demons who once walked through this incredible land inspiring our extreme Photo-Journeys !!


About - The Dance of the Gods


Highlights of the Photo - Experience

The word Theyyam literally means ‘God‘ and hence the Theyyam dance is known as the ‘Dance of Gods‘. It is unique, powerful and a divine splendour to watch and Shoot -colourful costumes , exotic make-up and hair raising dance moves are the main highlights of Theyyam....

Birders Paradise- A Guided Photography Birding Expedition to Eastern Himalayas    

The one-of-a-kind Master Class in picture perfect ambience and masked in the glory of abundant flora and fauna of the one of the most sought after Birding destination -  is surely a super duper Birdering Paradise.


Laptanchar is known for its proximity to the core area of the Mahananda WLS. It is also famous for the medicinal plants it produces; there is a large plantation of cinchona around here. Snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga range can also be seen from here. 


Apart from natural views, Latpanchar has also gained popularity among tourists due to its birding potential. There are about 250 species of birds available in the area including the Rufous Necked Hornbill. Bird enthusiasts from all over India and abroad, flock Latpanchar for a glimpse of some rare avifauna.


Be assured of many stunning images of the various species of Birds endemic to Eastern Himalaya along with award-winning photography mentor Dheeraj Paul & professional Indian Photo Tours Birding Expert shall provide you with professional tips and insights on how to capture the perfect shot in their natural habitat. You will certainly have a better grasp of and feel more confident with your camera after this masterclass.


The Entire Photo-Expedition shall be conducted in an exclusive bio-secure environment delicately planned to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). This shall include bio-secure shoot venues, travel , stay & dinning facilities.


Call us at 9910903636 / 9811044788 or write to us at to be on this Masterclass. 

Guided Photography Expedition to Masai Mara Kenya, March 2023

A stunningly & productive Guided Photography Experience to Kenya’s  best locations in prime wildlife viewing season.


An incredible journey that will take you to three of iconic National Parks & Reserves that hosts some of the most famous wildlife opportunities of the world !!


With our Photography Mentor Dheeraj  

along with Highly professional team of Indian Photo Tours at your arms length to explain every wildlife interaction and to give you immediate tips for getting the best possible images..


Shoot High Octane action at Masai Mara’s Golden savannahs, East and West Tsavo along with Lake Nakuru - the most mesmerising wildlife spectacle possible on planet Earth…


If you want to be on  this Master Class and need any assistance/information, call Indian Photo Tours at 9910903636 /9811044788 or write to us at

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Text Copyright Indian Photo Tours 2022 ; Photo Credits Dheeraj Paul , Sanjiv Bhandula and various Participants/ Photo-enthusiasts who have travelled with us as well as attended various activities conducted by Indian Photo Tours.